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July 16, 1995.

Dear Nan,

I thought I would drop you a line to let you know that things are going well here. For the last fortnight Laura has been working at the Wellgate Community Farm in Romford five hours a day. She's still at school but these days the children have to do work experience. Some of them go to a hamburger bar and serve food for a couple of weeks. Some go to factories. Laura managed to get placed at an urban farm!

The farm had sheep, goats, chickens, pigs, rabbit, guinea pigs, ducks, turkeys and bees and Laura worked with all the animals. The farm sells eggs, milk, honey and vegetables but it is mainly there to show urban kids what a what a farm is like.

"It's to educate people about more humane means of farming and to educate children about animals," Laura said.

As I said before she was there for two weeks and seems to have spent a lot of time mucking out the stables. The farm had one Shetland pony and a horse and Laura said the stables was smelly. Well its been pretty hot lately! She almost always used to need a bath when she got back home. While she was there she got to milk three goats (they said she took to it like a natural) and sheared the sheep. She also sprayed some of the rabbits coats and went out on school trips with the animals. Laura didn't get paid anything for working on the farm but she enjoyed it and is even thinking of doing some voluntary work there during the school summer holidays. She does earn money, however, at her Saturday job. She's got a job at one of the local bakers. She says it's boring and maybe it is but she likes the free cakes and she gets paid about £13!

Arthur went to Chessington, which used to be a zoo but is now really a fun fair, with his school on Friday. Everyone got thoroughly soaked, but it was hot and no-one minded too much! Some of the rides he went on included the Mary Rose (a ship which goes up and down), the water splash, an upside down roller coaster, the bubble works and the magic carpet. The queues for most of the rides were long most of the day but eased off later in the afternoon. Arthur enjoyed him

But the big event for Arthur is coming soon. He's had a brace on his teeth for a year and it's due to come out at the end of this month!

By the way, hasn't the weather been hot lately? Too hot to do any work. I shall post this now, but I will write again when the next issue of Yours arrives and send that with a letter.

Lots of Love

Jonathan, Clare, Laura & Arthur