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July 29, 1995.

Dear Nan,

Thank you very much for your letter of July 26, which I got today. Just at the moment Laura is at her job. She works at a bakers shop selling bread and cakes. She does this every Saturday.

Arthur has just got back from a friend's house where he stayed last night. He came in wearing an American style baseball cap. You know the type with the long peak. He says he wears this cap when his hair is in a mess because he hasn't combed it!

This morning I took a lot of photos of Laura before she went to work. She was sitting on the settee eating beans on toast. I will send you one when they are developed next week.

You say in your letter that Denise tried to e-mail me. It would have been quite a shock to receive an e-mail from you, I can tell you! Please tell Denise that it was probably my fault she could not e-mail. She probably tried AOL, which I have stopped using. If she wants she is almost certainly able to e-mail at the address above. In any case if you send me an e-mail address I will e-mail you and then you just press reply to e-mail me.

With love,

Jonathan Brind