INDEX February 26, 1996
I went to Solid Fuel partly because I was annoyed they didn't give me the editorship of H&V News, and partly because I stupidly felt I needed to get the title of editor. But by 1996 it was looking as if the publication was going to sink. The coal board had stopped subsidising it, there was a rival publication in the market and coal merchants, the people who read it, were disappearing. But I had had a good run. In 1996 I was lucky enough to get a job at a printers in Lincolnshire called Warners, who published a few magazines, mainly consumer titles. It was a good move in many ways, but it meant travelling 107 miles to get to work. A long commute. Had I had better people skills I could have made a go of this job. It had potential. In practice it turned out that the main benefit of working there was getting to know Martin James, who got me the job at Glass & Glazing Products, a big magazine with potential. Martin was the editor of the really successful roofing trade magazine (RCI), a sister journal to GGP.