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2 November 1998

Dear Jonathan,

Following discussions between us, I am pleased to confirm our offer of employment to you as Editor of Glass &. Glazing Products magazine.

As you are aware, we view this position as the platform upon which GGP moves forward. In particular, we have over 20 years experience in business publishing and together should be able to enhance the fortunes of this established publication which, as you know, is very well respected throughout its industry segment.

This publication has received heavy development investment in circulation quality and fulfilment; design and cosmetics; and editorial appraisal and repositioning where appropriate, all of which we view as continuing elements to aid the well being and expansion of the publication, which is profitable.

Our working relations in Unity Media Communications are very good since we generally use our commonsense and behave in a reasonable manner with our fellow staff. The Company is quite rightly not driven by the rule book and we intend to keep it that way.

Initially, you will commence at the rate of £22,000 per annum which will be paid monthly in arrears. We will require your P45 and present bank account details to enable monthly transfers to be made to you. Once you have successfully completed several issues and mastered Quark Xpress we will review your salary to a level of £24,000. Timing and increment will be by agreement between us.


Normal office hours 0900 - 1730 Monday to Friday prevail. In order to allow you to undertake those duties you identify as necessary for detail and deadlines you will be expected to apply your hours to cope as timings dictate in your position of responsibility. Overtime is not paid.


Our holiday period runs from January to December and in addition to public Bank Holidays you will be entitled to four weeks paid holiday per year. Please note there is no carry over.

Payment During Sickness

In the first full year of employment with the Company up to 5 days sick leave will be paid in full. Further days of sickness will result in either loss of holiday entitlement or salary.

After the first full year of employment with the Company, Government Legislation applies and the Company administer the State Sickness Payment Scheme. You are required to produce a certificate for any time off under illness in order to enjoy the (SSP) Statutory Sickness Scheme.


You will be reimbursed in full for legitimate out-of-pocket expenses you incur whilst undertaking Company business, provided such items are discussed in advance and agreed. You will need to obtain and supply us with all expenditure receipts, together with our internal expenses claim form on a monthly basis. You will be then reimbursed the following month.

Company Vehicle

In this capacity you will enjoy the benefit of a Company car which will be made available to you for your personal use. This will be maintained, repaired, taxed and insured by the Company, but it is up to you to ensure the condition of your car remains roadworthy and within the legal limit. Private motoring is not paid and you should claim for business mileage at the rate prevailing at that time. It should be understood that replacement cars with alternative makes and models may take place in order to achieve the best value for money and fleet running costs.


Except in exceptional and serious misconduct circumstances warranting instant dismissal, you are entitled to receive and required to give one month written notice of the termination of your employment with us.

Our mission is to accelerate the successes built upon by this publication under Unity's proprietorship and to expand its profile and influence in reflecting today's modern industry with its requirement for legislative product knowledge which no doubt the positive attitude and breadth of experience you bring to the task will help achieve.

Welcome to Unity Jonathan and we look forward to a long and mutually rewarding association where your experience and maturity should greatly benefit your Publication.

Yours sincerely,



Please confirm your acceptance of these terms and conditions by signing and returning the attached copy letter.

Jonathan Brind Date

I agree to the above terms and conditions of employment. My proposed start date with Unity is: .....................................................................


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