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Snow and sale of flat

The photo of the snow shows the garden behind my flat today. There was about an inch of snow last night and unusually for London the snow laid.

A couple of weeks ago I handed in my notice. For the last few months I have been working as the editor of yet another b2b magazine but all that is over now, probably. I have been offered the chance to buy a magazine but since I don't have any money that doesn't seem like a likely prospect.

People are still inviting me to talk about all sorts of things that could end up being very interesting and profitable but nothing ever seems to get very far, so I won't bore you with the details.

I expect to scrape by doing a bit of freelance here and there. Fortuantely I've got quite a lot of money in the bank so it doesn't matter too much, for a while anyway.

Next Saturday (April 12) I'm having the world premier of my latest video (a piece of aural history that I eccentrically decided to put onto video instead of tape). I think this should be quite an event, not least because I have got a very interesting impomptu theatre to stage it. I would invite you but it's a long way to come!

I have sold my flat for quite a lot of money and there is some chance that the sale will actually go through. This is not the first time I have sold the flat but this time I have reached a more advanced stage than previously, so the chances of the sale collapsing again are low. (NOTE: It would actually be almost six more years before I actually sold the flat). With any luck in two or three months I will be moving out of London. I've lived in London since 1973 so this is quite an adventure for me.
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