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Dogs Gone

The last night of the dogs, Walthamstow Greyhound Stadium, was quite an occasion. Until the closure was announced, I rarely went there. I'm not a gambler and had only ever been to the posh restaurants,
protected from the atmosphere that is what the dogs was all about, by a wall of glass.

But when friends suggested I make a video about the place before it disappeared, I reluctantly agreed; though I was anything but quick off the mark. And that was the key to my success.

The Chandlers had been vigorously batting anyone away who wanted to shoot a video and they'd all given up before I made the phone call. Fortunately, for me, there were different people running the public relations department by then and they kinda wanted some way to remember the place. So I was told I could do it.

I was there many nights a week (and many days as well) talking to punters, trainers, staff and sometimes even the Chandlers. I pretty soon got to love the place, which is an entirely different experience if you get out of the glass boxes and stand on the dirt next to the track.

The video didn't make a penny for me. In fact it cost me money. But it was a great experience and I learned a lot. And I was there on the last night of the dogs: August 16, 2008.
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