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"The original home of the Brind family was in the N.E. corner of Wiltshire and from the 15th to the 19th centuries, numbers of them were born, grew up, married and died in the villages of Highworth, Liddington, Wanborough, South Marston, Stanton Fitzwarren (formerly Fitzherbert and according to one account Fitzbrynd) and Stratton St. Margarets. All these villages lie within a few miles of Swindon, and between that town and the Berkshire border.
"Many of us must frequently have passed through this home of our ancestors without realising it, when travelling by the main Great Western Railways through the Vale of the White Horse from London towards Swindon. After passing Shrivenham, the last station before Swindon, "The earliest recorded Brind appears to have been one Henricus Brind, who lived in the reign of King John (1199-1216). A Simon le Brind is said to have rebuilt Corfe Castle in 1327 he was probably t
the same as Simon Brinde of Rusteshall, who lived about this period. There are records of a Thomas Brinde of Rusteshall and a Thomas Brind of Wanborough in 1460 possibly the same man. In these early days men, horses, billmen and pikemen and harness are stated to have been raised by John Walter and Roger Brind for the king to help in the war against France.
"There are records of a Richard Brynd of Wanborough in 1487 and of an Edmund Brynde of Highworth in 1543. A Thomas Bryde lived in Queen Elizabeth's reign, who may be the same as Thomas Brinde who (according to Tower Misc. Rolls 458, Darell Papers fo. 55) was murdered at Wanborough some years later. The record is not without interest and is therefore quoted:
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