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(10)Will of Anne Brind d. 1635
(R12-179 Deans Court). This will is very hard to read and I have probably made several mistakes.
Anne William Margaret/ Maria Elizabeth John (Johann) bridget Henry Thomas Ursula
bap 27 Oct 1587 b. 1590 bap 27 Oct 1592 bap 23 May 1595 born 1603
d. 1635 bur 26 Jun 1645 bur 14 June 1615 bur 22 May 1634 bur. 10 July 1601 d. 1610
= Edith = Katherine Batson,
18 Apr, 1615
Cordwinder, Licensed Victualler, Husbandman (Highworth)

Mentions Hellen Breind (the daughter of my brother William Breind).
John Breind (the son of my brother William Breind).
Edith Breind (the daughter of my brother William Breind).
Anne Breind (the eldest daughter of my brother William Breind).
The children of my brother John Breind.
Nicholas Brind South Marston 1635
(R12-128, Deans Court).
The document consists of what looks like an administration in Latin, which I can't read, followed by an inventory in English. The inventory demonstrates that this was a wealthy man.
Wroughton Hoard
219 coins, many made of fairly high grade silver, dating from 1500 to 1643.
A find dating back to the time when the Civil War was raging through Wiltshire.
(12) William Brind, glover, of Highworth, (1626-1669?) makes a verbal will which is registered on October 13th, 1669.
William = 17 Apr 1656 Margarett Waters/ Walford/ Watson
bap 7 Feb 1626
bur 7 Oct 1669
John Richard Edward Miriam
bap 6 Aug 1665 bap 9 May 1667 bap 12 Feb 1669 bap 8 Sep 1676
bur 10 Jan 1725 7 Sep 1735 7 Dec 1692
= Mary
bur 16 July 1719
= ??????
Shoemaker of Westrop Shoemaker

Mentions: cousin William Peters.
Margaret my wife.
(12a) Will of Bartholomew Brind of Wroughton 7/Oct/1670.

Names children George, Thomas, William & Joane and brother in law Francis Tuck.
(13) DOC8. Indenture of March 16, 1686 between John Greene of Highworth, Cordwainer, Margarett Herrin.

Payment of £40 for the malthouse and lands. The Greene family gets the malthouse?
(14) Richard Brind's widow Elizabeth makes a will, 1686.
Richard Brind Elizabeth of Whitmorely in the parish of Aldbourne
Son in law William Apre kinsman Thomas Brind of Aldbourne
Daughter Ann Adams wife of Roger Adams of Ramsbury Daughter Martha Brind Daughter Elizabeth Wollridge Daughters Grace Choplin
Beloved friends Petter Wollridge & Edward Crofter Daughter grand Em Sanefield of Little Bedinge
(15) DOC9. Indenture from March 25, 1693, between William Herring (Hearing) of Highworth, Cordwainer, John Greene of Stratton St Margarett, Cordwainer, son of Ambrose Greene, maltster, (deceased) Henry Brind, Inn holder of Highworth, and Thomas Hippsly of Staunton, Highworth.
Ambrose Greene used to occupy the malthouse at Westrop, Highworth. In 1691 his son John Greene had contracted to lease the malthouse to William Herring for £64 10s over 500 years, with a peppercorn rent. There was a get out clause. Greene could pay Herring £1 18s 4d on the following June 24th and £65 18s 4d on December 22.
But the original £64 10s was not paid. Henry Brind steps into the picture paying £25 10s to Herring and £64 10s to Greene for a 500 year lease on the malthouse.
This must be the Henry Brind who made his will in 1722.
(16) DOC7. (280/15). April 3, 1693 John Greene (cordwainer) of Stratton St Margaretts, Wilts, agrees to sell the malthouse in Westrop, Highworth, to Henry Brind of Highworth, Innholder, for a year.
The price is 5s plus a peppercorn.
(17)DOC3. April 4, 1693. John Greene of Stratton St Margarett, Wilts, sells a Malthouse and lands in Westrop, Highworth for £90 to Henry Brind of Highworth, Inn holder.
(18)Thomas Hatt sells a house in Aldbourne to John Brind in 1694.

WRO 700 (page 8) Serial 71 1 of 12 deeds concerning a house, orchard, garden and one yard of land with three adjoining leasehold cottages and garden (tenants names) and land (described) in the common fields known as Halts in West Street, Aldbourne.
John Brind Had a lease for 80 years 1674
(19) June 8, 1703. An inventory of the goods of John Brind.
(20)Executor's oath for the will of John Brind of Aldbourn, sworn 28th of June 1703.
of Aldbourne
John Brind
(21)Indenture from March 16, 1705, involving Thomas Brind, tailor. Describes several land holdings in Aldbourne.
(21A)Jacob Shoemaker , of London, indicted at the Old Bailey for endeavouring to defraud William Brind of 30 s, 11 Jan 1717.
(22) Will of Henry Brind of Highworth, December 26, 1722.
(The will does not mention the malthouse obtained in the indenture of 1693.)
Thomas 1617-1649 = Catherine
Thomas Henry Brind d 1722 Elizabeth
Thomas b 1688 William Mary 1691-1732
Mary Henry Henry* William Walter*
Elizabeth nee Brind b 1677 = Thomas Butcher
(23) Will of John Brind of Westrop, Highworth, 1726 (8.23).
John Brind
of Westrop
Richard Brind
(24) John Brind of Wanborough, intestate 1730. Widow Anne given title.
(25) ((Legal document, apparently giving Mary Brind power over the estate of her late husband William. May 7, 1732.))
(25a) May 31, 1781, indenture between Walter Brind & Charles Poulton. Poulton has bought land in Wilts from Walter for £570

(26)William Brind's will, written 1732, he died 1732, but it was administered on August 15, 1781, the children were named as executors but as minors could not perform this task. William owned an inn called The Crown in Highworth.
William Mary
Henry Walter William Ann Thomas
(27) Will of Thomas Brind of Aldbourne, Wilts, shepherd, March 3, 1736.
Administered October 30, 1739.
William brother? shepherd of Aldbourne Thomas shepherd
dutiful daughter Ann (Bucher) dutiful daughter Eleanor (Burch) Mary (Nue) dutiful son Thomas
(28)Will of Charles Brind of Wanborough April 11, 1736.
(29)DOC4. Indenture of Harry Brind of Cirencester, Gloucestershire & Henry Brind of Foster Lane, City of London, 17 June, 1741.
They were the two grandsons of Henry Brind. Henry was William's son. In order to settle a dispute about the ownership of the malthouse, Henry agrees to pay Harry £29. Henry gets the land maintaining the London/Highworth connection.
Thomas 1617-1649 = Catherine
Thomas Henry Brind d 1722 Elizabeth
Thomas b 1688 William Mary 1691-1732
Mary Henry Henry* William Walter*
(29a)Philip Allen was indicted for stealing a Pair of Silver Shoe-Buckles, a Pair of Metal Knee-Buckles, Half a Guinea in Gold and twelve Shilings in Silver, &c. the Goods of Jonas Brend, in the House of Joseph Terry , in King's-Street, Westminster. 3 Sep 1746 Old Bailey.